"Baja Winters' caravans are unique among tours because the owners have listened to the wishes of RVers who have asked for an alternative to the often hectic pace and structure of the typical RV tour. Their trips won't cost you an "arm and a leg" and allow you time to relax, settle-in and truly come to know and experience Baja."

-Mexico West Magazine, April, 1993
Read what our clients have to say.......

"Thank you so much! We had a great time. Just like what you had told me, it's a "TRIP OF A LIFE TIME." Thanks again for a wonderful time. Baja Winters is 'da best'.
The Changs - California
32 Day Baja Caravan

Thank you so much for all you did on this very special experience....."
Vince & Betty - Alberta, Canada
32 Day Baja Caravan

"Thank you for helping us to make a lifetime journey possible. It was an interesting and adventurous as well as educational trip. We enjoyed every minute of it."
Jerry & Neena - California
32 Day Baja Caravan

"....We thoroughly enjoyed our Baja experience thanks to you. We will have many fond memories of our trip & especially the new friends we have met.
Thank you for all your patience, guidance & most of all your friendship!"
Arpad & Joanne - B.C. Canada
32 Day Baja Caravan

"....Thanks for the great trip in 2010, we really enjoyed the company & new friends we have made. Check out our trip on facebook!"
Earl & Vickie - Colorado
32 Day Baja Caravan

"Thank you so much for your tender loving care and for getting us safely to our destination in Southern Baja.......it has been a fabulous experience."
Barb & Ole -
Jan. 2009 Caravan

"Molte grazie di tutto. Augurie felicita.
All the best always. Thanks a million for a memory forever"
Sam & Eva
Jan. 2009 Caravan

"Thanks for the safe and informative trip. We will remember it for many years to come. John your personal concern for each one of us was a very nice touch. Becky, we looked forward to your cherry smile and pleasant words every day"
Hazel & Marshall - Canada
Jan. 2009 Caravan

"We want to tell you how much we have enjoyed this trip. You do your job well."
Terry & Becky - Texas
2008-2009 Caravan

"What a wonderful trip this has been. You have taught us so much, and you made it all so much fun. We felt as if we were your guests, and you have been terrific hosts. Thanks so much for showing us around 'your' Baja!"
Jag & Bev - Canada
2008-2009 Caravan

"Thank you so much for helping us with this wonderful adventure - truly a trip of a lifetime!!!"
Arline & David - California
Jan. 2009 Caravan

​"Thanks, thanks and many thanks for another fun trip. We wish for you the very best in the years to come-leading caravans, assisting with the caravans or just having fun. We will be following you & Dustin on your Internet site! Not 'adios' as who knows...."
Return Customers
Richard & Phyllis - Canada 
Jan 2009 Caravan

"We really enjoyed the caravan and we will be back this fall for the Dec. one! You have a 1st class operation"
John & Kay - Canada
Jan. 2009 Caravan

......" We loved the trip! We enjoyed every part of it, truly!
.....Thanks so much for opening our eyes to Baja - The Real BAJA. "
Barb & Earl - Oregon 
Jan. 2009 Caravan 
Just a quick note about our Hosts from Baja Winters caravan company. We
had heard about the Baja Winters Caravans on an RV website. We found
their website, contacted John and Becky and signed up for the tour. It
was the best decision we could have made. John, Becky and their son
Dustin have put together an outstanding tour of this incredible
Peninsula. Their love for Mexico, the culture and the people is evident
in every action and word along the way. They have more than 30 years
experience in the Baja and their surfing roots have taken them to every
corner and back road along the entire peninsula. Becky's interest in the
plant life and history provided an interesting narrative over the radio
as we covered the ever changing landscape. Their mission in not to baby
you or shield you from the reality of the Baja but instead to teach you
how to function in this foreign land while being respectful of the
culture and mindful of cautions that you wouldn't find north of the
border. Their insight into everything from language to traffic and
police procedures was invaluable in allowing us to feel comfortable in
this wonderful but foreign country. They feel they have achieved their
goal if you leave the tour feeling confident about traveling in this
beautiful and proud country. If you have always wanted to have an
adventure south of the border but have trepidations about traveling in a
different culture and language consider contacting John or Becky at
Thanks John, Becky and Dustin. We had a blast.

John and Angela 
Jan. 2008 Caravan

Escapees George & Maureen Connolly from Vancouver, B.C. Canada wrote.......

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip. Thanks so much for making it so enjoyable, and so comfortable. We recommend your company to anyone who asks about our adventures.

thanks again

Jan. 2008 Carnival Caravan
"We were on your Jan. 10th crossing. Just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed the trip with Dustin as our wagonmaster. He has a great personality and did a super job. With all the instruction going down we had no trouble coming home on our own. Thanks again. We will recommend you guys."
Chuck & Carolyn
Jan. 10, 2007 caravan

"Marlies and I would like to thank you for bringing us safely down to the Baja and back up to the U.S. again!
Everything was well organized and you gave us very good information ahead of the journey, so that we would enjoy our time in the Cabo San Lucas area very much.
We would like to recommend your service to anyone who we talk to that is considering a trip to the Baja."
Kind Regards,
Romano & Marlies
Jan. 30, 2007 caravan

"...just a quickie to thank you for our tour. We had a wonderful time and going down in caravan and alone home was the perfect formula for us."
Susan and Roger Keirstead
New Hampshire
Jan. 10, 2007 caravan

​"life is just one big thrill after another" Thank you for making our Baja trip such a great experience
Marg, Ken & Pepper
Jan. 12, 2007 caravan
"some pursue happiness, others create it"....."You helped us, dear John and Becky, create a wonderful trip while pursuing Baja and the 'geography of hope'......You both helped us see with new eyes and soothed our fears of narrow roads and the unknown. Baja has been light, stone, water and great friends & guides.
Alexa & Neil
Feb. 2006 caravan

"....thanks for your great direction and patience with us."
Shelly & Buddy
Jan 2006

"John & Becky, Thanks for the memories!
(return customers)
Jack & Myrna
Nov 2006 caravan

"Thanks so much for a wonderful trip down Baja - We felt safe and expertly guided.
Jay & Marta
Jan 2006
​"Thanks so much (Baja Winters) for a safe and fun filled trip....We love the Baja, so it was so great to go with you on our first motorhome trip.
Jack & Myrna
Nov 2005 caravan

"....As this has been our first guided RV trip, we don't have any previous experience for comparison; but if they all are as knowledgeable and conscientious as you are, wagon masters must be special people. Keep up the good work; and don't lose your zest for life and concern for your fellow man."
Joe & Jane Aviles
Feb. 2005 caravan
"Let me tell you that the trip with your outfit was every bit as fun and exciting as we had anticipated. You guys have a good formula going. We have been in Mexico before or so we thought. You two showed us a Mexico that we had heard about but never really seen or experienced. Thank you."
Stig & Vieno Lundberg
Mar. 2004 Caravan

We had long planned an extended trip to Baja California in a Jayco tent trailer, but were reluctant to do it alone because of my advanced age and some disabilities. We saw Baja Winters' advertisement in Good Sam's Trailer Life.
It was a trip rich with adventure, pleasure and comfort as a result of John and Becky's philosophy, experience, and knowledge of Mexico.
Their wide experience enabled me to eat at some splendid restaurants so much so we almost stopped cooking in our trailer while on the road. They knew the people who knew complex answers. They certainly took us to some fine RV parks, they chose well as we learned on looking at others
The Baja Peninsula is much different than mainland Mexico and I am certainly happy that we had such a skilled and ambitious wagonmaster because I had a far more satisfying trip with them than I had on my own on earlier trips to the mainland.
John Smith did everything he said he would and did it well and cheerfully. I am glad we went with them. The cost was well worth it.
John and Nancy Howard
November 2004 Caravan, returned March 2004

​"We were fortunate to find an escorted caravan service exactly suiting our needs. John and Becky Smith operate Baja Winters with a simple business proposition - they get you down and back safely, assuring a safe place to camp every night, providing great places to eat along the way, and keeping your tanks topped off with fuel. No hidden extras, no planned side trips, just a nice, leisurely trip down the peninsula with not more than two dozen other RVs. We met up with our group of terrified tourists at the Chula Vista KOA just south of San Diego at the end of January. John and Becky explained the routine to the assembled group, patiently answered all of our paranoid questions, and the next morning we were on our way across the border, heading south to our new adventure....

"By the third day we were wondering what exactly we'd been worried about. No banditos, plenty of beautiful scenery and a well-planned itinerary made for a leisurely trip down Baja. John and Becky had broken the caravan into 3 groups of 8, making it easier to get in and out of rest stops and gas stations. Each group stayed about half an hour apart as we worked our way south, meeting up each night at the designated campground. Traveling in smaller groups also made it easier for other travelers heading south, as passing a stretch of eight lumbering motorhomes was less challenging than 24....

"on day 4, as we crossed the spine of Baja from the west to east, we passed the oasis at San Ignacio and then we saw the Sea of Cortez at Santa Rosalia, and we were smitten. We stayed overnight at a beach called Playa Santispac, about 10 miles south of Mulege. Beautiful beaches, exquisite scenery, protected waters, a fabulous restaurant with delicious coconut shrimp... we were ready to just stay here for the winter. But we had a reservation awaiting us in Cabo, so we made a mental note to come back and spend more time here on our way back north.

"Once we'd seen the Sea of Cortez and felt the warm night air, we realized that we couldn't go wrong no matter where we ended up in Baja."

Greg & Janis Ricker
Jan. 2004 Caravan
John & Becky,   Thanks for such a memorable trip.  This was a very special journey for me this year!  It included a lot of treasured memories!

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and showing us the Baja.  Our first time in Mexico was an awesome experi
Audrey & Ed

Thanks for everything....met really nice people!
Wayne, Darlene & daughter Debbie

We really had a wonderful time, beyond expectations!  Thanks so much!!
Mike & Bonnie

You guys are great! Thank you for everything!! Thanks this was the trip I was looking for.
Sherry & Ron

Thanks for a great first trip down the Baja and not my last.  Good places to stay and look at.
Shara, aka: Sunshine

You have exceed our expectations!  Great trip, great job.
Jerry & Ann

Thank you for your hard work and the momories.
Dag & John
Hola Becky & John,
Just thought I would let you know we got home safely on Sunday – just over 6,600 miles door to door!
Thanks for the great tour of Baja – the grey whales were an experience never to be forgotten! I can see that travelling in Baja is not the terror trip that many imagine but by the same token, Maggie would never have gone without the security of your caravan.
All the best with your future trips.
Bob & Maggie
Feb 2015

J & B
Quick note to say thank you for providing us with another fine holiday. We enjoyed the trip and the people very much and we will be in touch about firming up the details for next years caravan. 
Grumpy & Monica
Feb 2015

Dear Becky and John, We are all settled down after our incredible once in a lifetime trip. Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed everything.You both did such a great job with every aspect of the trip, we still call out all the 18 wheelers !!! Thank-you again for taking such special care of us all and for all of the wonderful memories. 
Thanks again, Bighorn,Terri and David
Feb. 2015

Hi John & Becky, Thank you for a great trip to the Baja. You both made the adventure fun & safe with your extended knowledge of the area & attention to logistics.
It could not have been better. 
Warm Regards, Mtn. Annie
Jan 2014

Becky & John, Thank you for sharing Baja with us.  Your knowledge of all things flora and fauna, historic and cultural, safe and dangerous, and QUAINT made for a most amazing journey. We hope to stay in touch and see you again soon. Adios amigos and Buenos Noches...Nari and Miguel
​Feb 2014

John & Becky, Thank you so much for all your charm & knowledge of this wonder trip.  We will remember it & you folks forever.
Diane & Bill
Feb 2014

Dear Becky & John,  Thank you for a great Baja Experience. You guys do a great job and have made us feel safe and comfortable.  We have learned a lot and will hopefully put it to use on future visits to the Baja! 
Kim & Chris

South of the border down Mexico way
Becky & John went down...took us along
showed us how to play!
Becky's cowbell soon told us that we could not stay
South of the border ....down Mexico way.

Oh they smile as they tell us 'mañana' 
For we know that the time's come for parting
There'll be just a few more  'tope-grande'
And we'll be on our way back home!

South of the border down Mexico way
Becky & John went down...took us along
showed us how to play!
Becky's cowbell soon told us that we could not stay 
South of the border...down Mexico Way!
Marge Rennick
Feb. 2013

You aimed to create an amazing Baja experience.  You reached beyond our expectations.  I had a wonderful time.  Thanks for all you do!
You guys rock!
Marge Rennick
Feb. 2013

I don't think our lives could ever be the same after our Baja adventure.  Thanks again for the mentoring and encouragement to get out there and try it.  Susan has started a course in Spanish so that she will be able to better connect with the real Mexicans on our next trip.  She asks me every day if we can turn around and head back to Mexico for spring and more adventures.
Quizás nos reuniremos nuevamente en Baja. (Maybe we will meet again in Baja.)
Muchísimas.  (Thank you very much)
Jim & Susan
Jan 2013