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Frequently Asked Questions
11. How do we communicate with family and friends while we are in Mexico and can we receive mail?
19.  Is it possible to take the ferry from Baja to the Mainland of Mexico?
1.   Can we drink the water?
15.  What is the minimum and maximum number of rigs on caravan and do we have rest-stops?
14. How can we find the names and phone numbers of campgrounds for our long-term stay in Baja?
18.  Can we 'hop' caravans during the season?
21.  Why is the cost of this caravan lower than others?
7.   What is the quality and the cost of fuel in Mexico?
2.   What about pets?
8.   Is a tow vehicle a good idea?
12. Can our family fly in and visit us while we are in Baja?
16.  In the event a rig has difficulty, do all of the rigs stop until the problem is resolved?
9.   Do we need to have a spare tire?
22.  What about T.V. and Internet in Mexico?
3.   How much cash should we take to Mexico?
4.   What is your refund policy?
20.  Can I move caravans once I have signed up?
13. What about the RV parks and dry-camping? Is it safe to 'boon-dock'?
17.  How much food should we carry and are the restaurants safe?
5.   What about documents i.e. passport, tourist cards and vehicle permits?
6.   Do we need Mexican insurance and what is the cost?
25.  What can we expect in regards to the weather?
27.  What about Baja Winters staff?
24.  What about military check-points?
10. What is the condition of the roads and how much are the tolls?
23.  Do we need to speak Spanish to go on caravan?
26.  Can we speak with someone on the phone about the caravan?
11.   Internet cafes are available in most of the towns and cities in Baja this is one good way to COMMUNICATE with your loved ones.   Another way is to buy a Mexican phone card and use it to call long distance from any pay phone.  Beware of the 'BluePhones'  they will charge you an arm and a leg to call home.  Mail service is available in some of the towns and larger cities although
you will reach home before your letter does.  
1. The majority of  WATER on the Baja peninsula comes from wells.  The problem is that the well water is pumped into a holding tank.  There is no guarantee of the quality of the tank or if there is even a lid covering it.  Because of these reasons the quality of the water is always questionable.  We recommend that you always drink purified water, which is available in the majority of grocery store even in the small towns.  Or, you can purchase the water filter system we carry in our on line store. Click here to go to our on line store.
2.  Please be aware that the only paperwork for your  PET you will need is their shot record and license.  Your Vet. will talk to you about an international health permit, this is not necessary in Mexico.  No reptiles or birds are allowed back into the U.S.A. 
3. We recommend that you exchange $700. USD to $1,000. USD to pesos before you cross the border.  Then as you need more MONEY on the trip you can go to one of the many ATMs that are available at all banks in Baja.
4. Our REFUND POLICY is:  
*BAJA WINTERS, John or Becky Smith or their staff, will not be responsible for any loss, injury, death, damage or delay, however caused or arising, to any persons or property during the course of caravan travel.
*  In the event of minor vehicle breakdown, BAJA WINTERS' staff will render what assistance they can.  In the event of major breakdown, BAJA WINTERS’ responsibility is to render aid and assist the client to get to an adequate repair facility.  Caravan members attest to the road worthiness of their vehicles.
*  BAJA WINTERS will make every effort to adhere to trip schedules and activities.  Changes may occur due to any conditions that might jeopardize general safety,  i.e., weather, breakdowns, road conditions, health emergencies, or non-availability of scheduled facilities or services.
*  Cancellation Policy: BAJA WINTERS will issue a travel voucher in the amount of the initial deposit paid, $350.00 U.S.D., for future travel with BAJA WINTERS for cancellations received in writing, at least 45 days prior to the ORIGINALLY scheduled departure date.   Any amount paid after the initial deposit will be forfeited. Requests within 45 days OF THE ORIGINALLY SCHEDULED DEPARTURE DATE will receive credit toward future travel in same month as original reservation. Any increase in cost of caravan  will be due 45 days prior to departure.
*  Your completed application for reservation, with signature or payment, acknowledges full agreement with the conditions and policies set forth in the application form.

5.  Baja is a 'free-zone'  which means that you do not need to obtain a PERMIT for your vehicle.  However, a Tourist Card is required for each person, these cost about $25.00 U.S.D. each.  A PASSPORT is required to obtain your Tourist Card. Starting in 2008 a passport will be required to re-enter the U.S.A.
6.  It is the LAW that you must carry a MEXICAN LIABILITY INSURANCE policy. Some U.S. companies will cover 'physical damage' on your vehicle while you are in Mexico.  You will need to check with your insurer.  A  free quote for Mexican liability or full coverage is available on our insurance page.  Click here to go to our insurance page.
7.  The quality of fuel, GAS & DIESEL, in Mexico is excellent. As of 6/10/2014 the cost of diesel was $3.71 USD per gallon and gasoline was $3.65 USD per gallon.  
8.  If you are the type of person who enjoys to sight-see and  will be staying long-term in Baja, a TOW vehicle is a nice option.  Be sure to insure it the same as you would your RV. 
9.  A SPARE TIRE is very important while you are traveling in Baja.  Do-nuts are not recommended.  We realize that some of the big RVs do not have a spare or the room to carry one, but if at all possible it should be considered.  It could be 50 miles to the nearest tire shop.
10.   HIGHWAY 1, which goes from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas,  has a good surface.  Sometimes it can be narrow, each lane measuring 10'6" wide.   There are 3 toll stations south of Tijuana, the toll at each station is around $2.60USD per axle. 
12.   There are three international AIRPORTS in Southern Baja.  They are located in Loreto, La Paz, and San Jose del Cabo.
13.  RV PARKS with full hook-ups are available in Baja, but because of the recent real estate boom in Baja they are becoming a thing of the past. It is very important that your make your reservations for you long-term stay in Baja early.  Most of the RV parks run on 15 or 30 amp service.  WE DO NOT RECOMMEND 'BOON-DOCKING' alone, please use the 'buddie-plus' system. 
14.   The best source for information on CAMPGROUNDS  in Baja is, 'TRAVELER'S GUIDE TO CAMPING MEXICO'S BAJA', written by Mike & Terry Church.  This book is available in our on-line store. Click here to go to our online store.
15.   We do not have a minimum NUMBER OF RIGS, our caravans go no matter what the number.  The maximum number of rigs is 20, divided into 2 groups of 10, leaving 20 minutes apart, with a wagon master for each group.   Rest stops which we call, 'Lennys', are regularly scheduled about every 50 miles. 
16.   In the event of a MINOR BREAK DOWN the whole caravan will stop in a safe place and wait until the repair is made.  If the repair is major one of our staff will stay and assist while the remainder of the caravan is led into camp by another staff member.
17.   It is not necessary to load your rigs with lots of FOOD.  Grocery stores are readily available and very economical if you stick to fresh fruits and vegetables.  Meat is also inexpensive and available, it may not be packaged like you are used to but you will become accustom to it and you travel.  Be aware that at Guerrero Negro, our 3rd day on the caravan, you will have to give up your fresh fruits & vegetables at the  agriculture inspection.   The RESTAURANTS where we dine while on caravan are ones we have dined at for many years and they are clean and safe.  
18.   Our caravans are like a train moving up and down the Baja.  You are welcome to get off  to explore on your own then rejoin any caravan going north or south. 
19.  The price for the FERRY to the mainland  of Mexico range from $700.USD to $1,000.USD+ depending upon your rigs' length and combination.  If you are considering the ferry be sure to have your vehicles' registration, a release from your lien holder and a driver - with a license- for each vehicle. 
20.   We will be happy to MOVE you to a different caravan upon request.  If the caravan you move to is at a higher rate the difference will be due upon requesting the transfer.  If you move to a caravan at a lesser rate no refund will be given.
21.  We do not advertise as heavily as the more expensive caravans, this is one reason we COST LESS, another reason is we are the owners and operators of  our caravans, the third reason is that our dinners and side trips are optional, you can eat in or dine with us and choose the side trips you are interested in. 
22.  As we mentioned earlier, INTERNET CAFES are readily available in Baja and are very reasonable.  In regards to T.V.,  it is difficult to get a signal and it is not reliable.  We recommend you bring DVDs and satellite radio.
23.  Some knowledge of SPANISH is helpful but not required.  Most of the places we go to speak broken English  combine this with a little "pointee-talkee" and maybe some "Pictionary" designs you will get your point across.  If you are interested in better communication in Spanish our 'Speed Spanish For RV Caravans' is available in our online store. Click here to go to our online store.
24.  MILITARY CHECK  POINTS are there to assist in curbing the flow of drugs, guns and ammunition.  Our caravan does not fit the profile they are looking for.  Occasionally we will be inspected, but this is for our safety.   Please be aware that drugs , guns, and any form of ammo are illegal in Mexico. 
25.   On the first 4 days on caravan the WEATHER will be similar to the weather in Southern California.  Warm clothes may be needed.  On the fifth day we will be in the same latitude as the tropics, so we can expect to have sunny weather.  Shorts and T-shirts for daytime and light sweaters for night.  Click here to see Baja Weather.
26.  We are available to SPEAK with you to answer all your questions 24/7.  Just CALL US, 760-402-2806. 
27.  Click here to see and read about BAJA WINTERS' STAFF.

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