JAN 07, 2018
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Baja Itinerary

Day 1 ~ JAN. 07 
On our first fun filled day, we will visit a museum dedicated to the history of of wine making in Northern Baja then go to a winery for wine tasting. Our camp for the night will be at the SordoMudo RV Park near the L.A. Cetto Winery in northern Baja.
This camp has "full hook-ups".
Today we will travel approximately 2.5 hours.  
About 60 miles.
Day 2 ~ JAN. 08 
Our journey continues on through the mountains and vast agricultural region of northern Baja to an RV park, with 'semi-dry' hook-ups, on the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Enjoy relaxing and smelling the salt air or take an evening sunset stroll while beach combing to your hearts content. This evening we will enjoy a 'pot-luck' dinner and our staff will prepare and serve AUTHENTIC Margaritas along with Maria's tamales.
This is a 'semi-dry' camp
Today we will travel approximately 3.5 hours. 
About 118 miles.
Day 3 ~ JAN. 09 
As we start to travel into the mountains of the peninsula we will encounter all types of plant life, some of which grow only in Baja and no where else on earth. As we approach camp, approximately an altitude of 1,800 ft., we encounter the magnificent 'Rock and Cactus' garden of Baja. This is a spectacular array of large boulders and interesting cactus. Here we will settle in at an authentic, working Mexican ranch. This will be a 'dry' camp. This is a great place to explore the surrounding Rock and Cactus Garden and take a nature hike and explore a cave painting location. In the evening we will enjoy a true Mexican ranch dinner, prepared by the Doña of the ranch.
This is a "dry-camp". 
Today we will travel approximately 3.5 hours.  
About 119 miles.
Day 4 ~ JAN. 10
Next camp is at the first oasis that we will encounter in Baja. Enjoy an evening at the restaurant on the property.  Tomorrow we will explore the town and the most photographed mission church in Baja. 
This camp has "full hook-ups"
WiFi available*
Today we will travel approximately 5 hours. 
About 245 miles.
Days 5 & 6 ~ JAN. 11 & 12
Today we will visit San Ignacio and explore the village and see the 'most photographed' mission in Baja. Then we will drive through the city of Santa Roasalia, with it's abandoned copper mine and a brand new, "working" copper mine. It is also the location of one of the Baja Ferry stops to the mainland. 
Can it get any better?.....How about pulling your rig 10 feet from the water's edge and settling in for 2 days of 'rest and relaxation'?!?! Oh yeah....did we say anything about BAJA WINTERS~BAJA BEACH PARTY? This party will include; cervezas and Baja Winters' famous Margaritas, barbecued chicken and pot-luck 'side-dishes'. FUN, FUN, FUN!!!
You will be camping on the beautiful Sea of Cortez. Kayaking, snorkeling, swimming or just beach-combing, the time here is yours to enjoy.  
The evenings can be spent enjoying sunset cocktails on the beach and dinner get togethers with your fellow campers. the way......the sun RISES over the bay are FANTASTIC!!!
For those who choose to you can tour the village of Mulege and mission church and have lunch in town. Also in town is a great coffee shop and bakery which has excellent WiFi!
This is a "dry-camp".
Today we will travel approximately 2 hrs. 
About 95 miles
Day 9~ JAN. 15
We will be camping in the agricultural/ranch town of Cd. Constitucion. A good place to rest and stock up on supplies.
This camp has "full hook-ups".
WiFi is available*
Today we will travel approximately 2.5 hrs.
About  92 miles
Day 10 ~ JAN. 16 
Enjoy the sunny warm latitude similar to Hawaii. 
If you choose to stay in Los Barriles at Playa Norte; This camp has "full hook-ups" and WiFi is available*
Today we will travel approximately 5 hrs. 
About 192 miles
Days 11 - 39  
Now you have the freedom to choose what you want to explore and experience in Baja! You will be in the tourist area of Southern Baja where there are many sites to see and beaches to explore. Be sure to check out the west coast town of Todos Santos and Los Cabos for all their art galleries, events and tours.
Please Note: When you sign up for the Snowbird & Freedom Tour you will be given a detailed list of campgrounds where you can enjoy your FREEDOM DAYS in Southern Baja.
After 28 days vacationing you will meet up with your caravan-traveling companions in Mulege, BCS and begin your journey north.

Days 7 & 8 ~ JAN. 13 & 14
Now it is on to the historic town of Loreto with it's famous mission 
mixed in with boutique shops on a beautiful walking mall. Don't miss the museums which are located in the town square and next door to the mission.
This will be 2 nights with full hook-ups at a RV park located in town. For those who want to experience a great off-road excursion we will journey 17 miles, on a paved/dirt road, up the Sierra de la Gigante to the tranquil town of San Javier. Here we will visit the famous mission of San Javier. If available we will take a tour of a huerta (garden) with 300 year old grape vines and olive trees which were brought to the new world by the missionaries. 
This camp has "full hook-ups".
WiFi available*
Today we will travel approximately 2 hrs. 
About 70 miles.  
Days 40 & 41 ~ FEB. 15 & 16
After meeting in Mulege, BCS, it is on to the 'company' town of Guerrero Negro, home of the world's largest 'sea-salt' manufacturing plant, and the famous Scammon's Lagoon (Ojo de Liebre). We will be staying in a RV park with full hook-ups. You will have the opportunity to drive to the estuary and abandoned light house for some world class bird watching. One of our clients identified over 100 types of birds on the Baja peninsula. 
Tomorrow we will be whale watching with the Malarrimo Eco Tours.
This camp has "full hook-ups".
WiFi available*
Today we will travel 5 hrs. 
About 176 miles.
Day 41 ~ FEB. 17
Back to the beach. We will be camping on the beach south of San Quintin, BC. Go 'clamming'  and cook them on the beach Mexican style. Enjoy the your time on the large sandy beach and take in the sunset!  
This is a 'semi dry' camp.
This day's travel is approximately 6 hrs. 
About 260 miles
Day 43 ~ FEB. 18 
We will be camping in the Santo Tomas Vineyards in northern Baja. This is the oldest winery in Baja, there is so much history here. We will tour the vineyard and experience an amazing wine tasting event. Wine tasting is optional.
This is a "dry-camp".
This day's travel is approximately 3 hrs. 
About 80 miles.
Day 44 ~ FEB. 19
Adios! Time to say good-by. We will be crossing the border at Tecate, BC around 3:30 p.m. You will have time to get to your camping destinations in the U.S.A.
Today's travel time approximately 4 hrs. plus a 1 hr. wait at the border. 
About 90 miles
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*WiFi is available as of Mar. 2017. No guarantees that it will be available when we arrive. 
​Definition of WiFi in Baja: Speed of dial-up, available close to the RV Park office, usually not in your rig.
Please embrace the "manana" attitude of Baja......"take your time and slow down."